Take your personal practice to the next level with our Couch Series

Updated: May 31, 2019

From the 1st of June join us on the couch, starting with couch to 5k.

Our couch series doesn't just stop at 5k, we will take it beyond. Once you have mastered the 5k, its then time to move onto the next level of 8k, you will feel your endurance improve as well as your fitness.

Ever wanted to SUP along the coast of Southend? Join us on our couch series as we start from 5k to 20k and over.

Who can do this?

Aimed at all levels of ability, our series 1 couch to 5k is perfect for laying down a base level of fitness and endurance. This is perfect if you have been paddling for only a short while, at the same time if you already paddle you will also gain from this session and for the more experienced paddlers do think it will be easy... Courtesy of world Sup boarding champion Casper Steinfath! #westarttogetherwefinishtogether

If you would like to know further details about our couch series and how to sign up (dont forget it's free folks!)

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